Harmony Textile selects for her collections a linen of quality, European manufacturing.
The raw material is harvested in France and Belgium, woven, tinted and made in Europe with respect for the environment, at a competitive price. The excellence of linen cultivation results from the unique meeting between a naturally humid oceanic climate, low thermal density, generous soils and the know-how of French farmers.
The culture of this noble and very resistant material needs low energy consumption, its water needs are covered by natural rainfall.
This culture of proximity resulting from an agriculture eco-responsible preserves the environment.
For sponge items, Harmony chooses the best cottons, harvested fairly and in accordance with European standards. The cottons are then woven, tinted, made in Oeko-Tex certified factories.
These legal regulations prohibit any use of azo dyes or nickel, and provide eco-friendly waste treatment.

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